Heyo! My name is Autumn Sappier-Paul. I am 15 years old, and this is the third time my artwork has been displayed in a gallery. I’m in 10th grade, and I attend Woodstock High School. I participate in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities. 

I may not be extremely involved, but I keep my schedule full. Between clubs, studying, volunteering, and work I have little free time. Despite this, I enjoy my heretic life style. In my rare spare time, I usually do one of five things; creating art, writing, reading, watching movies, or listening to music. 

The previous two times my artwork was displayed, I thought that my artwork was not significant. Now though, I realize just how privileged I am. I’m only a high schooler, and yet I can say that my artwork was displayed, and sold, in a gallery. This isn’t exactly a common thing, in fact, it’s uncommon. I love creating art and sharing my creations with others. It’s due to this, that I can truly appreciate this opportunity. 

I post my art online and I have done so for quite some time. I seek out other artists’ opinions, and use them to better my art. While I do not post often, I enjoy looking at others’ artwork. People come up with amazing things, and all due to their creativity and imagination. I aspire to do the same.

I am just one of the many artists in this world, and while I enjoy art, I choose not to make a career out of it. I wish to graduate high school and attend university. My goal is to become a forensic anthropologist, but I will likely never lose my passion for art. No one said that I can’t have multiple passions. 

My art does not stick to only one or two topics of interest. I cover a variety and tend to bounce back-and-forth. I’ve drawn people, animals, places, plants, and many other things. Some topics and themes I enjoy, while others not so much. Exploration is an important part of being an artist, at least to me. The way I think of it is, “If I’m too afraid to go out of my comfort zone, then how will I ever grow?” The answer is that I won’t. 

Just like the themes and topics of my pieces, I do not just stick to just one media. I enjoy trying out things and mixing them together. I do this often with my watercolors; an all-time favorite of mine. I love seeing what textures I can get, and I don’t mind getting dirty. My hands are frequently covered in some type of medium: whether it be paint, ink, pastel, or something else entirely.