Mya Clark

Hello, my name is Mya Clark. I’m 14 and a grade 8 student at Townsview school, and I live in Woodstock. I’ve always had a passion for art. My favourite form of art, as you can probably see, is portrait art. For a long time, I’ve been fascinated with portraits and different interpretations of faces. I love art because it’s Limitless and make me feel free. I can do whatever I want. There’s no rules and no restrictions . Someone who has always encouraged my art is my mom, Anne Matchett. She taught me many helpful tips and has always been a huge influence with my art. As you can see, she’s in some of my pieces, and her being an artist herself I can always trust her opinion on my art. So, I’m Mya Clark and I hope you enjoy my art!

Greg MacPherson Sponsor